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Sportian, by Globant, Agrees Global Strategic Partnership with StadioPlus

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The two organizations will carry out new initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation of sport and entertainment, offering technology products and monetization strategies with virtual world creation

Sportian, the Sports & Entertainment Company from Globant, has joined forces with gaming and web3 specialists, StadioPlus, to enrich both company's respective offerings and help sports organizations combine digital product creation, growth strategies, meta-experiences and the creation of branded virtual worlds.

With a focus on driving growth through technology, Globant Sportian's ecosystem of products and services is being used worldwide to design new fan engagement platforms, enhance team performance and accelerate the digital transformation of sports properties, accompanied by Globant's cutting-edge technologies, including the latest developments in data analysis and AI.

It will now be able to add StadioPlus' expertise in Metaverse, gaming, web3 strategy and digital asset creation, helping athletes, leagues and sports brands to develop new monetization models through these channels.

As part of the new partnership, Globant Sportian and StadioPlus will design a combined global strategy that illustrates the synergies and opportunities of the two offerings and how it can accelerate new growth for the sports and entertainment industry.

“Globant Sportian's ecosystem is grounded in new technology innovation and solid growth strategies, which makes it an ideal partner for us,”

said Jon Fatelevich, CEO and Co-Founder of StadioPlus.

“This partnership presents exciting new possibilities for connected fan experiences and will help us be the bridge between the sports industry and the future.”

“StadioPlus shares our vision for transforming sport and entertainment through reaching new fans and providing world-class experiences,”

said Alejandro Scannapieco, Globant Sportian CEO.

“We are excited by its track record in gaming and web3, which will contribute to the expertise we have already developed with Globant, and its focus on creating growth through these platforms. Through this partnership, we will demonstrate how to add disruptive new technologies to existing tech ecosystems and engage fans across the digital and physical world.”

Founded in 2021 by a team including Argentine basketball legend Luis Scola, StadioPlus has emerged as a leading provider of cutting-edge fan experiences within the sports and entertainment industry, designing gaming environments inside some of the world's most popular platforms, like Fortnite. It is also powering new metaverse environments for sports properties such as LALIGA, Inter Milan and Corinthians that have provided significant cut-through to digital audiences.

Globant Sportian clients including LA Clippers, Major League Rugby, the Wimbledon Championships and Belgium's ProLeague, are currently using its ecosystem to build streaming platforms, construct smart stadiums, personalize fan engagement, visualize match data and protect content from piracy, to name a few examples.

For further information on Globant Sportian's global partner network visit https://www.sportian.com/partners