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Powering Sport's Growth Through Digital Transformation

What is Sportian?

Sportian is a global end-to-end technology solutions provider that enables growth for the sports and entertainment industry through its digital ecosystem. Created through a joint venture between Globant and LALIGA, it is the only organisation that combines cutting-edge technology capabilities with the insights of a leading sports competition.

What does Sportian do?

We help sports and entertainment organizations tackle their challenges through technology and innovation, by offering platforms, services and consultancy that keep our clients one step ahead of the digital transformation of the industry. All Sportian solutions can be interconnected through our unique digital ecosystem, allowing our clients to seamlessly integrate singular Sportian solutions into their ecosystem or bring in our entire end-to-end solutions.

Our history


LALIGA committed to technology by creating a stand-alone technology department in 2014, marking a significant milestone in the sports industry being the first organization to combine technology with sports expertise. Since then, this technological department, seed of what would become Sportian, has been at the forefront of digital innovation in sports, providing solutions that enhance fan engagement and improve the whole LALIGA experience.

Expanding Its Digital Ecosystem

In 2021, LALIGA expanded its reach by offering this unique technology ecosystem to the entire sports and entertainment industry, through a standalone company, LALIGA Tech. This move created a unique value proposition in the market, with any entity able to leverage the technology underlying one of the most advanced sporting competitions in the world.

LALIGA + Globant

Partnering with Globant

The alliance between LALIGA and Globant in 2022 represented a significant step forward in LALIGA Tech's goal to become a global player in the sports and entertainment industry.

With Globant's expertise in the latest technologies and trends, the joint venture has the potential to revolutionize sports and entertainment experiences worldwide.

By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the joint venture aims to enhance fan engagement and create new and innovative experiences that will set LALIGA Tech apart in the global sports and entertainment landscape.


2023 brought a new milestone to this endeavor with the establishment of a new identity and brand highlighted by our new name: Sportian. Sportian stands for everything that makes sports and entertainment great: aiming higher, creating memories, embracing the world. With an established foundation of success combining Globant and LALIGA, Sportian kicks off a new era with greater ambitions that will elevate how sports and entertainment energizes the world and how fans energize sports and entertainment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Sportian’s service work?

All of our projects are designed bespoke to our clients with a long-term vision. We will establish a core working team that will understand your objectives, design your solution and assist in its global launch. Over the terms of the contract, which are typically several years, this team will continue to work on the growth of your project, targeting new audiences, adding new features or offering new insights that can help you to maximise commercial benefits.

What experience does Sportian have?

Sportian began as the internal technology department of LaLiga nearly a decade ago, creating a full range of digital platforms and data analytics tools that helped to drive the competition’s international growth. Since commercialising its services in 2021, Sportian has begun working with a broad range of leading sports and entertainment organisations. See our case studies.

How does Sportian help to create growth?

Adopting digital tools is helping our clients to reach a new generation of fans and grow their global audiences, while drastically increasing the opportunities for monetisation. We work with our clients on various growth strategies such as delivering more targeted and successful fan marketing campaigns, offering premium services and experiences and recruiting new sponsors and commercial partners.

Are Sportian solutions applicable to my organisation?

Sportian solutions have been specifically for sports and entertainment and are adaptable to any competition. They have also been designed with modularity and scalability in mind, meaning that whether you are at the start of your digital transformation or already have a working system in place, we can customise our services around you. Everything we offer is fully whitelabeled and customisable to your business.



If you’re interested in any of our services or would like more information, send us a mail and we will respond to you directly.

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20 Jun 2024

Sportian and Pushologies combine to boost fan engagement for LALIGA

Following the collaboration between Sportian and Pushologies in August 2023, LALIGA has reinvented fan engagement through its official app with exceptional results

Sportian Globant Partners with VIRTUS Sports Group to Accelerate Sports Reinvention on the American Continent

27 May 2024

Sportian Globant Partners with VIRTUS Sports Group to Accelerate Sports Reinvention on the American Continent

New agreement will lead to in-market activations that apply a digital lens to sports, with a focus on fan experiences, data analysis and increased monetization

Sportian, by Globant, Agrees Global Strategic Partnership with StadioPlus

5 MARCH 2024

Sportian, by Globant, Agrees Global Strategic Partnership with StadioPlus

The two organizations will carry out new initiatives to accelerate the digital transformation of sport and entertainment, offering technology products and monetization strategies with virtual world creation