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Sportian Achieves Record-Breaking Time to Develop Major League Rugby's New OTT Platform

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The Rugby Network, MLR's cutting-edge OTT streaming service, is set to revolutionize the fan experience, boasting a remarkable time to market of 6 weeks. With seamless and secure fan data capture, this venture creates unprecedented opportunities to propel rugby onto the global stage.

MLR places its trust in Sportian and Globant to shape a shared vision for its evolution, with a clear objective of establishing MLR as an international benchmark brand.

The primary goal of this groundbreaking project is to position MLR as the streaming leader in the world of rugby. This involves expanding its brand and content footprint, facilitating access to its data ecosystem and platforms. Simultaneously, we aim to monetize OTT usage through subscription models.

Additionally, it's worth highlighting that the OTT platform was developed in a record time of 6 weeks, showcasing the team's exceptional speed and efficiency in bringing this innovation to fruition.

Sportian has successfully transitioned from an AVoD (Advertising-Based Monetization) to an SVoD (Subscription-Based Monetization) model, including deployments on platforms like Roku TV and Apple TV. This strategic shift not only evolves the business model but also employs a geographically segmented approach, enhancing user experience and optimizing profitability across regions. The adaptive monetization management, a key value for MLR, facilitates dynamic decision-making in packaging, monetization, and geographical distribution hierarchy..

This strategic flexibility not only maximizes operational efficiency but also positions MLR advantageously to fully leverage the specific opportunities and challenges of each market.

Through the successful execution of this project, Sportian not only solidifies its international presence by gaining a new client but also expands its expertise in rugby, making a bold entrance into the North American market.

About MLR

The Major League Rugby (MLR) stands as the premier professional rugby competition in the United States, founded in 2018. Experiencing rapid growth, the league attracts both national and international talent. With teams spanning the country, MLR aims not only to foster rugby development in North America but also to establish itself as a crucial platform for the professionalization and promotion of the sport in the region.

Following the model of other U.S. sports leagues, MLR's structure contributes to increased visibility and interest in rugby, solidifying its role as a key element for the sport's continuous growth and appreciation in the United States.