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LaLiga Tech Content Protection Services Works to Protect The Championships, Wimbledon from Piracy

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Organiser of the prestigious Grand Slam tournament is receiving global monitoring services that identify, analyse and remove illegal broadcast of its matches

With The Championships, Wimbledon now underway in London, millions will be viewing the action around the world and, like any other major sporting event, illegal actors will be attempting to profit through piracy. This year, however, organisers of the legendary tennis event have strengthened their ability to quickly remove illegal broadcasts through a global agreement with LaLiga Tech.

Content Protection services will carry out continuous monitoring and elimination of pirated content related to matches broadcast from the two weeks of The Championships. This monitoring will be carried out across all search engines, social media sites, online marketplaces, IPTV services or apps from any location.

With a worldwide audience that reaches more than 80 million, Wimbledon is one of the standout events of the global sporting calendar and protecting its hundreds of matches from illegal consumption is a key challenge to safeguarding the prestige of the event and the value of broadcasting rights.

Content Protection tackles online piracy by scanning all channels where illegal content is being distributed or promoted, removing it and collecting evidence to streamline legal procedures. Its expert teams of analysts based in laboratories around the world work in collaboration with the world“s largest distribution platforms and social networks to ensure content is removed as quickly as it emerges.

“The illegal piracy of sports content is the scourge of our industry, and its protection for both licensors and rights-holding broadcasters is essential if we are to maintain a healthy and vibrant ecosystem. In LaLiga Tech, we have found an advanced global solution to monitor and swiftly take down illegal broadcasts of The Championships and early indications are that they are doing so with tremendous success.”

Guillermo Rodríguez, Director at Content Protection said

“All sports brands depend on their online reputation and IP fraud is one of the quickest ways to erode this. Against these organised crime networks, the only way to stay ahead is to maintain cutting-edge technology tools and consult with experts who can adjust strategies as soon as new threats appear. We are delighted to see the improvements Concept2 has achieved in the last year and look forward to deepening this relationship in the coming years.”

Paul Davies, the All England Club“s Head of Broadcast, Production & Media Rights, added