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Havas Sports & Entertainment, ANFP and LaLiga Tech Launch First Official Fantasy Football Game in Chile

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The game will feature the telecommunications company Movistar Chile as main sponsor, naming the application 'Fantasy Movistar'

Fans of Chilean football will discover an exciting new way to interact with the country’s Primera División thanks to the creation of the first official fantasy football game of the competition. The “Fantasy Movistar” game is the result of a collaboration between Havas Sports & Entertainment, the Chilean Professional Football Association (ANFP) and LaLiga Tech.

The project is based on a long-term agreement with the intention of growing national professional football and developing a new way of enjoying the sport based on statistics and data. Fantasy gameplay, which is already popular in the world of sport, allows players to accumulate points based on their predictions about the real-world performance of teams and players.

As part of the agreement, a new ecosystem of digital tools will be created to boost the digital transformation of ANFP. In addition to the new Fantasy game, new Fan Activation services will be developed that will allow ANFP to better understand its digital users and build its global following.

The game will be available for the 2023 season of the Chilean Primera División in mobile and web formats, offering players the chance to create and manage their Fantasy squads at any time, while choosing between week-by-week and season-long game modes. It will also provide latest news from the competition, global rankings and access to premium features.

Pablo Milad, president of the ANFP, stated: “This is a new way to generate greater interaction between Chilean football and its fans, particularly the younger generation who today relate differently to this sport, including through platforms like Fantasy. Developing this game is great news as it will strengthen our competition and provide new areas for growth.”

Fantasy Movistar seeks to bring users closer to the national game through technology, allowing players to share information and compete with friends. These platforms have proved a key platform for the digital growth of major leagues around the world in recent years, a trend which the Chilean league is seeking to continue.

The game will also feature Radio Cooperativa, the leading sports radio station in Chile, as official media partner. The station will also receive official naming rights, allowing it to generate exclusive content related to the game and improve the user experience. Specific opportunities for new and existing sponsors will also be created within the platform.

The game will also have Radio Cooperativa as a strategic partner, providing relevant sports information and generating content to further improve the user experience. Specific opportunities for new and existing sponsors will also be created within the platform.

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Generating global followings through digital

ANFP is focused on growing football in Chile through new technology tools and data analysis. Having recently announced a new centre for technology innovation, it plans to extend its own insights to clubs at all levels, from grassroots football to the Chilean national team.

The introduction of the Fantasy game is an important milestone for ANFP as it continues to evolve its digital fan experience, providing a new space for fans to engage with the competition. ANFP will also responsibly analyse fan data that is shared through the platform to improve its communications and marketing activities, all within the legal regulations of data processing.

“Fantasy Movistar will be the first game of its kind in Chile. It will be an excellent opportunity to connect brands with new audiences in a significant and new way. It will be a constant source of football content, but also potentially for other sports in the future,' said Sebastian Harticalde, Managing Director of Havas Sports & Entertainment.

Paula Callejas, Advertising and Digital Marketing Manager for Movistar Chile, added: “Without a doubt, football and digitization are great passions in Chile, which is why we are very happy to be part of ‘Fantasy Movistar,’ connecting fans to a new way of interacting with this sport. We know how successful Fantasy platforms have been in other countries, so launching this application in Chile opens up the possibility of reaching more and new audiences, and connecting friends, family and loved ones through technology, 5G, fibre optics and football.”

“Through Fantasy gaming, ANFP is realising the opportunity to begin understanding fans through the data they share and consolidate their commitment and loyalty,” said Alejandro Scannapieco, CEO of LaLiga Tech. “Designing owned digital platforms is essential for sports entities to secure their future and take a firm step towards a data-driven strategy, through which they can anticipate future needs of their fans, design personalised experiences and increase their impact at all levels.”