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Globant Sportian Wins Access to Exclusive Google AdServer to Provide Sports Rights Holders with Elite Digital Marketing, Video and Monetization Tools

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Having been named a Google Ad Manager 360 Multiple Customer Management entity, Globant Sportian now provides access to the premium-class GAM 360 AdServer, multiplying the online revenue potential for sports organizations of all sizes

Sportian, the sports division of Globant, has been named by Google as a Google Ad Manager360 Multiple Customer Management (MCM) Video Specialist, allowing its clients to benefit from a digital publishing network typically only available to the very largest organizations and boost the monetization potential of sports content.

Globant Sportian was awarded MCM status in recognition of its achievements in creating large-scale video publishing platforms. With this new recognition, any Globant Sportian client can now upgrade to a GAM360 publisher account and receive added monetization support, benefiting from exclusive features that can deliver a swift ROI from ad spend, boost ad visibility and dramatically increase online revenue potential.

With GAM 360 access, users experience the internet’s elite monetization features including:

  • AdExchange availability: Access to the real-time marketplace for programmatic ads, guaranteeing the best ad placement and prices.
  • Unblocking Direct Programmatic deals with sponsors and other direct advertisers or media agencies.
  • SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion) serving advanced Ads during live matches and across multiple environments including Connected TV, OTT, App and Web.
  • Advanced user analytics to enable advanced segmentation.
  • Increased quality of video ads (pre/mid/post roll)

Globant Sportian can now extend these benefits to sports organizations of any size, providing an integral service that includes integrating new Ad Manager networks, developing new assets and continuous management of monetization strategies.

Ottavio Mussari, Head of Fan Activation at Sportian, said:

“This collaboration with Google can revolutionize online advertising for sports organizations. Through our strong partnership, we empower clients in the industry to monetize digital assets, generate new revenue streams, and prioritize fan engagement. We are excited to showcase these enhanced capabilities to our partners, which can turbocharge their growth and unlock a world of opportunities for multi-channel data-driven advertising.”

For further information on Sportian’s Fan Activation services and the MCM program, visit https://www.sportian.com/revenuebooster