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Globant and LaLiga Tech to Pilot Generative AI Applications to Reinvent Sports Tactics and Broadcasting

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Using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, this joint effort between Globant, LaLiga Tech, and Microsoft will improve available sports data and enhance the experience for millions of fans all over the world. This collaboration, that started in football, will expand in other sports as basket, rugby and tennis in the next few months

MADRID – August 17, 2023 – Globant (NYSE: GLOB) and LaLiga Tech have come together to collaborate with Microsoft on a series of initiatives with the goal of fostering the transformation of sports in various domains through the utilization of Artificial Intelligence.

After years of collaboration between Microsoft, Globant, and LaLiga to create digital products and solutions that help the reinvention of sport and entertainment, LaLiga Tech - after its partnership with Globant- is extending this initiative beyond football to other sports such as basketball, rugby and tennis.

The new projects now underway are designed to improve the data available to coaches in order to help real-time decision-making, enhance the experience of fans around the world by automatically generating new, personalized content, and to deliver immersive new materials for broadcasters.

  • NRT Multi Language Subtitles, focused on the automatic generation of multilingual subtitles adapted in Near Real Time (NRT) for all live sports matches using technologies such as Whisper and GPT 3.5, generating additional inclusive features including options for people with hearing impairment.
  • Automatic Sports Content Translations, helping sports organizations to increase their engagement with global fans by automatically translating their content to a myriad of languages using GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.
  • Mediacoach Metrics, updating LaLiga Tech’s leading sports data visualization platform to provide additional real-time metrics to each team's head coach and their assistants. New contextualized stats are constantly being developed and evolved by reviewing images from the perimeter cameras used for capturing all player and ball movements.
  • Match briefings and highly personalized content tailored to Fans and Clubs, which strengthen fan engagement and reduce churn by providing more relevant content thanks to GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

Using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, LaLiga Tech will have access to AI tools such as advanced data analytics, natural language processing, and machine learning. This solution enables them to harness the power of the most advanced AI models (including OpenAI GPT-4 and GPT-3.5), combined with Azure business services and AI-optimized infrastructure.

“For a decade, artificial intelligence and data have been an integral part of Globant’s vision, been applied transversally to all areas of the company, from talent circuits to operational models, to deploy solutions to increase productivity and efficiency.”

Agustin Huerta, SVP of Technology of Globant, claims that
And adds:

“With this joint venture with LaLiga, we are working to extend our capabilities to LaLiga Tech with the support of a big partner such as Microsoft, and the first tests have proven to be disruptive and successful”

“LaLiga Tech brings together Globant's technological capabilities and LaLiga's sporting expertise to create a unique landscape that places sports reinvention at the core of its activity”

Gonzalo Zarza, Chief Data Officer at LaLiga Tech, adds:

“At Microsoft, we are pleased to work with LaLiga Tech and Globant on this initiative to help transform sports through Artificial Intelligence and the power of Azure. Our relationship with LALIGA represents a significant milestone in our longstanding collaboration, where we have successfully developed digital products and solutions that have redefined the landscape of sports and entertainment. We are excited about the possibilities that AI brings to this area, and we remain committed to using our technology to drive positive change and enhance the sports industry for everyone involved,”

explains Ignacio León, Enterprise Commercial Lead of Microsoft Spain.

Led by its technology innovation team, LaLiga Tech is continually innovating with artificial intelligence to provide world-class products and services to sports fans all over the world. In close alignment with Globant, LaLiga Tech embraces the principles of the AI Manifesto and leverages broad cross-industry expertise to maintain a common vision, overcoming ethical challenges and social risks.