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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Sportian do?

We offer technology platforms, services and consultancy that keep our clients one step ahead of the digital transformation of sport and entertainment, focused on three key areas: igniting fan engagement, empowering sports teams and supercharging organisations. All Sportian solutions can be interconnected through its unique digital ecosystem, creating new efficiencies and insights while making the fan experience smoother and more engaging.

How does Sportian’s service work?

All of our projects are designed bespoke to our clients with a long-term vision. We will establish a core working team that will understand your objectives, design your solution and assist in its global launch. Over the terms of the contract, which are typically several years, this team will continue to work on the growth of your project, targeting new audiences, adding new features or offering new insights that can help you to maximise commercial benefits.

What experience does Sportian have?

Sportian began as the internal technology department of LaLiga nearly a decade ago, creating a full range of digital platforms and data analytics tools that helped to drive the competition’s international growth. Since commercialising its services in 2021, Sportian has begun working with a broad range of leading sports and entertainment organisations. See our case studies.

How does Sportian help to create growth?

Adopting digital tools is helping our clients to reach a new generation of fans and grow their global audiences, while drastically increasing the opportunities for monetisation. We work with our clients on various growth strategies such as delivering more targeted and successful fan marketing campaigns, offering premium services and experiences and recruiting new sponsors and commercial partners.